Department: Mathematics

The main goals of the Mathematics Department are as follows:

• To provide students with the mathematical knowledge and skills they need to pursue careers in Computer Information Systems, the Natural Sciences, Engineering Sciences, Mathematics, Allied Health, Business Administration, Accounting, Public Administration, Health and Human Services, Paralegal, and Office Administration and Technology.

• To provide students in the Liberal Arts programs with a broader understanding of the foundation of mathematics, permeating different topics and transcending mere computation, with emphasis on logic and systematic constructions leading to more sophisticated mathematical models.

The mathematics curriculum provides a variety of offerings that survey the meaning of mathematics as a logical system. The particular models chosen to exemplify these logical principles will vary from time to time depending on the current interests of our students and faculty. As such models are meant to be illustrations only, the choice can be selective without any change of purpose.

Although the language of instruction is English, a few sections of some courses in the Mathematics Department are offered in Spanish, depending upon student needs. Language-enhanced materials are used in all developmental courses to support students' linguistic needs.

Students planning to continue to study in mathematics, or mathematics related areas, are advised to consult with the Mathematics Department Chairperson.