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Student Orientation Services Team (SOS)

  • SOS Team Members have a GPA of 2.8 or higher and are required to be registered for at least six credits per semester.

  • An SOS Team Member commits to one year of service and makes a generous commitment of 24 hours to provide support to students during registration, orientations, college tours, campus visits and job fairs, (amongst other things.)

  • The SOS Team is currently a feeder group for the Hostos Student Ambassador Program and if after a semester of service an SOS Team Member shows a great commitment to service and maintains or improves their GPA they can be promoted through a tier system into the Hostos Student Ambassador Program.

  • The SOS Team receives specialized team building training in workshops specially designed for them. They also receive a toolkit that will help them to produce results as a team player. Team Training Workshops are mandatory for SOS Team Members and are open to participation by any other member of the Academy that would like to participate.