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College Now Program Grading Policy Effective Fall 2021

• College Now is a University wide initiative to offer college level courses to NYC’s public high school students. Students take credit-bearing courses that are part of the regular curriculum at any one of the participating CUNY colleges. Since these are actual college courses a transcript can be generated for all participating students who enroll in these courses.

• Currently the same letter grade system that is used on CUNY campuses is used in these courses. Upon matriculation in any of CUNY colleges other than the one sponsoring the course, the course is treated like transfer credit. The earned letter grade is not entered on the transcript at the receiving school.

• If the student matriculates at the same college that sponsored their College Now course, the course appears on the transcript as a regular course with a letter grade and GPA. Because the same rules that apply to students transferring within CUNY are used for College Now students, if a student gets a passing grade in the course, the course will transfer. If, however, the student attends the college that sponsored the course, the letter grade and its corresponding GPA are calculated into the student’s record. This is fine for students earning a “C” or better, but students earning a letter grade lower than a “C” start their academic career when entering college, on probation. In some cases, their financial aid may be impacted.

• Effective Fall 2021, in all College Now programs the only passing grades permitted will be iterations of A through C. Lower passing grades such as C-, D+, D and D- will automatically convert to the grade of CR (credit) and the F, WD, WU, W, WN grade will convert to NC (No Credit). CR will carry academic credit and NC will not. Neither grade will impact the student’s GPA. Upon matriculation, NC grades earned during College Now program, will not impact students financial aid status. This Policy shall supersede and override all College Now program-level grading policies currently in effect at CUNY colleges and schools.