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The Student Life Office / Dean of Students’ Office

The Office of Student Life (OSL) is grounded in the development and maintenance of student programs that provide opportunities for academic, personal, and professional growth through leadership activities, internships, orientation, counseling, wellness programs, career exploration, and athletics. OSL strives to increase awareness about institutional policies and procedures. Students acquire the skills they need to work independently and in groups and benefit from an exchange of ideas in a diverse environment. Students are encouraged to interact with each other, faculty, staff, and members of the local community.

In addition, the OSL responds to student inquiries and complaints. The OSL assists with outreach efforts to students to complete the Sexual and Interpersonal Violence Prevention and Response Course (SPARC) in compliance with New York State’s Enough is Enough (“EIE”) statute, which requires all NYS colleges to provide ongoing education and training about sexual misconduct to their students. The OSL also supports the college’s retention efforts of at-risk students.

For more information contact:

Juana Minaya, Student Life Specialist
Building D, Room. D-101
Bronx, New York 10451
Phone: (718) 518-6557