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Procedures For Filing a Permit Request To Take A Course at a Non-CUNY College

1.  Obtain a non-CUNY permit form through your Home College Registrar's Office.

2.  To be eligible for a Permit, you must:
a.        Be matriculated and currently enrolled at Hostos Community College.
b.       Be in good standing - not academically dismissed.
c.       Have all required immunizations at the Home College completed.

3.  Take the Permit Form to the appropriate department Chairperson / Coordinator for approval and signature.
a.        Inform the department which course(s) you wish to take at the Host College.
b.       The Chairperson or Coordinator will determine if the course(s) is equivalent to a course(s) offered at the Home College.

This process may be expedited by presenting a catalog from the Host College.

4.  Registrar Processing
a.        After academic approval, the Permit Form must be submitted to the Registrar's Office at Hostos Community College.
b.       The Registrar’s Office will affix its Official Seal or authorizing stamp. You should take the Permit Form with you when you register at the Host College.
c.        When the course(s) is completed, the student should contact the Host College Registrar's Office to ensure that the grade is transferred to Hostos
Community College - Office of the Registrar. While the grade for a course taken outside of CUNY will not be posted to a student's record and will not
count in the computation of a student's GPA, credit for the course cannot be given until the grade is received in the Registrar’s Office at Hostos
Community College.

5. Financial Aid Approval: The student must obtain the approval of a Financial Aid Counselor who will indicate whether the non-CUNY coursework is eligible
for financial aid.

6. Tuition payment: If you are going to take a permit course at a Private or State College (non - CUNY), payment must be made to the Non-CUNY HOST
College. Be sure to bring the Non-CUNY Permit Form with you.

7. There may be a limit to the number of permit credits allowed by your Home College. Please check the Home College catalog.

8. Permits will not be issued to the following:
a.        Non-degree students
b.        A readmitted matriculated student who is not currently enrolled or who does not need the permit courses for graduation.
c.        An incoming newly matriculated student who requests a permit for the semester or summer session preceding the effective date of admission.

For additional information relating to requesting an e-permit kindly email: