Procedures For Filing a Permit Request To Take A Course at a Non-CUNY College

  1. Obtain a non-CUNY permit form through your Home College Registrar's Office.

  2. To be eligible for a Permit, you must:

    • Be matriculated and currently enrolled at Hostos Community College.

    • Be in good standing - not academically dismissed.

    • Have all required immunizations at the Home College completed.

  3. Take the Permit Form to the appropriate department Chairperson / Coordinator for approval and signature.

    • Inform the department which course(s) you wish to take at the Host College.

    • The Chairperson or Coordinator will determine if the course(s) is equivalent to a course(s) offered at the Home College.

This process may be expedited by presenting a catalog from the Host College.
4. Registrar Processing

  • After academic approval, the Permit Form must be submitted to the Registrar's Office at Hostos Community College.

  • The Registrar’s Office will affix its

    Official Seal or authorizing stamp. You should take the Permit Form with you when you register at the Host College.

  • When the course(s) is completed, the student should contact the Host College Registrar's Office to ensure that his/her grade is transferred to Hostos Community College - Office of the Registrar. While the grade for a course taken outside of CUNY will not be posted to a student's record and will not count in the computation of a student's GPA, credit for the course cannot be given until the grade is received in the Registrar’s Office at Hostos Community College.

5. Financial Aid Approval: The student must obtain the approval of a Financial Aid Counselor who will indicate whether the non-CUNY coursework is eligible for financial aid.

6. Tuition payment: If you are going to take a permit course at a Private or State College (non - CUNY), payment must be made to the Non-CUNY HOST College. Be sure to bring the Non-CUNY Permit Form with you.

7. There may be a limit to the number of permit credits allowed by your Home College. Please check the Home College catalog.

8. Permits will not be issued to the following:

  • Non-degree students

  • A readmitted matriculated student who is not currently enrolled or who does not need the permit courses for graduation.

  • An incoming newly matriculated student who requests a permit for the semester or summer session preceding his/her effective date of admission.

For additional information relating to requesting an e-permit kindly email: