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Transfer Credits

Students may transfer credits earned at other accredited colleges in the U.S. or outside the U.S., provided that:

 1.        The courses were taken at institutions that are accredited by one of the regional accrediting commissions recognized by CUNY, and

2.        The classes are comparable to those offered at Hostos Community College.

 The Transfer Credit Evaluator evaluates transfer credits before the first semester of classes and upon readmission to the college. The maximum number of credits that may be transferred is determined by a review of eligible coursework satisfactorily completed. Credits may be accepted if a grade of at least 'C' was obtained. However, students transferring from other CUNY Colleges may have credits with an earned grade of 'D' or better, provided the courses are equivalent and fall into the Hostos-approved timelines.

 CUNY students transferring into Hostos for any allied health or joint programs with City College or John Jay will not be granted transfer credit for course work completed with a "D"; they will be held to the same standards that Hostos students in those majors, which require higher grades.

 Students seeking entry into any program offered at Hostos must adhere to any additional departmental requirements. Also, prior college work must be within timelines established by the Department Chairs or their designees. Information regarding these timelines is available on the Admissions website:

 Students may submit an appeal to the Transfer Credit Evaluator if they believe a re-evaluation is warranted or an exception should be granted regarding the awarding of transfer credits or issues relating to CUNY Pathways; the Transfer Credit Evaluator will then process the appeal expeditiously, including but not limited to escalating the appeal to the Academic Department Chairperson, Academic Unit Coordinator, or designee, etc.

For additional information relating to transfer credit evaluations, kindly email the Transfer Credit Evaluator at