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Policy on Prior Learning Assessment and the Award of Credit for Prior Learning.

Hostos Community College (HCC) recognizes that collegiate-level learning may take place outside the college classroom or laboratory and still be relevant to HCC degree programs, consistent with HCC academic policies, standards, and mission. Students may apply to the college to receive credit for knowledge gained from such experience. It is important to understand that credit is never awarded for experience alone, but for the demonstration that the student has gained college-level learning as a result of the experience. Students are expected to articulate and demonstrate their college-level learning and to participate actively in the evaluation process.

Experiential Learning must be:

• Career experience that directly relates to the objectives of courses taught at HCC

• Verifiable and documented

• A demonstration of student’s mastery of the learning outcomes

• Evaluated by the department and determined to be substantially similar to the learning that occurs in comparable HCC course(s)


• Credit is not awarded for experience while taking courses at Hostos Community College.

• Awards credit only once for the same learning within a student’s overall degree.

• Maximum award credit for life learning is six (6) credits per program.

• Maximum award credit for physical education courses is one (1) credit.