Who Is Required To Meet The Ability To Benefit (ATB) Testing Requirement For NY State TAP Eligibility?

All New York State residents who have a foreign high school diploma are required to meet the New York State ATB standards to be eligible for TAP. Students are required to meet the scores listed on the following ATB test modules:

Reading: a score of 55 or higher Sentence Skills: a score of 60 or higher

Arithmetic: a score of 34 or higher
Students who do not meet the ATB standard may retest following CUNY’s retesting policy, which requires 20 hours of instruction between retests in reading/sentence skills and math. View ATB test preparation resources. For more information about ATB workshops/interventions, please contact the Office of Academic Affairs (718) 518-6637, and/or The Writing Center (Room C-596A).

For more Information about TAP & ATB compliance, please visit the following offices:

Office of Admissions and Recruitment
Office of Financial Aid