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Satisfactory Academic Progress for New York State Financial Aid Programs

Undergraduate students must make satisfactory academic progress towards the completion of your degree in order to remain eligible for state financial aid such as:

• Attain a minimum GPA as specified in the chart below for each payment requested.
• You are allowed a total of 48 TAP points for your entire undergraduate degree. You use 6 points for every full-time TAP payment. You may receive up to 6
semesters as an associate degree student. For some special program you can earn up to 10 semesters and 60 allowed a total of 60 points.
• You must be enrolled full-time, that is, enrolled for at least 12 credits or equated credits that meet the requirements of your curriculum/major.
• In your first TAP semester, you must be taking at least 3-degree credits as part of your full-time course load. You must take a minimum of 6 degree credits
every semester after your first TAP payment.
• If you repeat a course that you previously passed, you may not count the repeated course towards full-time enrollment for TAP purposes.
• If you repeat a course that you previously failed, you may include that course towards full-time enrollment for TAP purposes.
• Remedial courses may be counted toward either full-time or part-time enrollment for TAP purposes. However, to qualify for TAP, you must always be
registered for a certain number of degree credit courses.
• To receive TAP payments, you must make academic progress towards a degree. The minimum academic requirements are indicated in the charts below.