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Student Activities

Extra-curricular activities are an integral part of student life at Hostos. Extra-curricular activities provide students with opportunities to use their special talents, socialize, serve others, or pursue particular interests. The Office of Student Activities assists more than 30 student clubs and organizations on campus to coordinate intellectual, cultural, social, and recreational programs in order to expand their out-of-classroom experience. There are clubs and organizations on campus that sponsor academic, cultural, and social programs; these programs include guest speakers, panel discussions, workshops, concerts, and cultural events. The programs reflect the students’ ethnic backgrounds as well as their diverse interests.

Students have the opportunity to improve their leadership skills by participating in Student Government or by joining student clubs. The activities planned by Student Government and the clubs increase group interaction and develop the framework in which student leadership may develop. The Director of Student Activities works closely with the elected members of the Student Government Association to register clubs and manage the student electoral process. Faculty and staff members function as advisors to clubs and organizations.

For more information, contact:
Jerry Rosa, Director
Building C, Room 371
Telephone: (718) 518-6561