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Residency in New York City and New York State

The residency process qualifies students for the lower tuition rate. Residency is determined by combining the length of time a student has resided in New York State and/or New York City and the immigration status of non-U.S. citizens. In the residency verification process, the Admissions and Recruitment office determines the tuition to be charged to students. In general, to qualify for the University's resident tuition rate, a student must establish that they are a New York State or City "resident," as applicable, based on the requirements set forth by CUNY. For various legal and administrative reasons, the residency requirements differ for senior colleges and community colleges.

 In addition, certain non-residents, including undocumented or out-of-status students, are eligible for the resident tuition rate based on their enrollment and graduation from a New York State high school or receipt of a GED or TASC exam in the state of New York.

 The University has approved two forms to document the student residency determination:

1.             Residency Form

2.             Alternate Lease Statement (a Hostos form adopted by CUNY)