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Borrowing from Other Libraries

In order to borrow books that are not held in the Hostos library collection, students, faculty and staff may use the CUNY Libraries Inter-Campus Service (CLICS). This is a book delivery service that allows patrons to request a book from any CUNY library to be delivered for pick up at any other CUNY library. The request is made through OneSearch, the online integrated catalog for CUNY libraries. CUNY libraries reserve the right to prohibit certain materials from being requested through this service.

For items that are not in the CUNY library system, interlibrary loan is available to Hostos faculty and staff through Tipasa. Pre-registration is required to use the system. For more information view the webpage at or call (718) 518-4214. The METRO Courtesy Card allows students, faculty, and staff to use materials in participating libraries of the New York metropolitan area. For more information, call (718) 518-4215.