College Discovery

College Discovery (CD) is a university wide access program. The program offers academic support and counseling services to students who have a high potential to succeed but were never provided the academic preparation to pursue college level work. CD Program students are supported from admissions to graduation by staff who are committed to helping students achieve their full potential as individuals and to discover, develop and apply their talents to pursue a career.

To be considered for CD a student must fill out the online CUNY admissions application and answer the questions in the SEEK/CD section.

CD students are entitled to the CD stipend for up to six (6) academic semesters when registered full time and three (3) summer semesters when registered for at least (6) credits. In addition, CD pays a portion of the Student Activity Fee. Upon completion of the Associate Degree, a student can transfer to the SEEK program at a CUNY Senior College. As a SEEK student, the student will continue to receive funding and support services for an additional four semesters, for a total of 10 semesters.

CD students must participate in and complete a four (4) week special summer program prior to fall admissions. The only exceptions are attendance to complete high school requirements and/or the CUNY Language Immersion Program or CUNY Start; no other exceptions can be made. Students who attend the summer program also receive a stipend. During the freshman year students are required to attend tutoring and supplemental instruction and/or attend workshops to complete and pass remedial courses. If a student’s GPA is above 3.0 he/she will be invited to become part of the CD Academic Excellence Cohort. These students are mentored to pursue leadership and scholarship opportunities offered by the college and the university. The CD Program offers a host of support services that include academic advisement, registration and personal counseling services from an assigned CD Counselor. The assigned CD counselor also teaches the CD freshman orientation course (SSD 100) which students are required to take regardless of their curriculum choice.

To be eligible for the College Discovery Program a student must be a first-time freshman, have a high school average below 80, be a NYC resident and have a household income that falls within the income guidelines established by the State of New York. Acceptance into the CD Program is once a year and must be prior to fall matriculation only.

For more information, contact:

Maria Cano, Director

Building D, Room 101

Telephone: (718) 518-4362