Hostos Community College Administration

Office of the President

Daisy Cocco De Filippis, Ph.D., Interim President.
Ana. I García Reyes, Associate Dean of Community Relations.
Babette Audant, Ph.D., Assistant Dean for Institutional Effectiveness, Strategic Planning and Assessment.
Eugene Sohn, Esq., Executive Counsel & Labor Designee.
Lauren C. Gretina, Esq., Chief Diversity Officer.
Eric Radezky, Ph.D., Director of Governmental and External Affairs.
Joshua M. Rivera, M.P.A., Director of Government Relations.
Soldanela Rivera López, M.A., Director of Presidential Strategic Initiatives.
Piotr Kocik, M.P.A., Director of Institutional Research and Assessment.
Diana Kreymer, M.P.A., Assistant to the President and Director of the President’s Office.

Division of Academic Affairs

Charles I. Drago, DH.Ed R.T (R,CT), Acting Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs.
Ann Mester, PhD. Associate Dean of Academic Affairs.
Olen Dias, PhD., Acting Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs.
Anders Jasson (AJ) Stachelek, Ed.D., Director of Assessment.
Wendy Small-Taylor, Director of Curriculum Management and Course Articulation.
Isabel Li, Director of Academic Learning Resources.
Silvia Reyes, Director, Special Projects.
Laura McGowan, Director, ASAP.
Carlos Guevara, Director, Educational Technology.
Elizabeth Wilson, Director School College Partnerships.
Kelba Sosa, Director of Grants.
Andrea Gabbidon-Levene, Director of CUNY Start and Math Start.
Daliz Perez-Cabezas, Acting Director of Academic Affairs.

Division of Administration and Finance

Esther Rodríguez-Chardavoyne, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Administration and Finance.
Varun Sehgal, Assistant Vice President of Information Technology.
Elizabeth Friedman, Executive Director for Facilities, Planning, and Design Management.

Division of Student Development and Enrollment Management

Esther Rodríguez-Chardavoyne, Interim Vice President for Student Development and Enrollment Management.
Nathaniel Cruz, Vice President for Student Development and Enrollment Management (Terminal Leave).
Johanna Gomez, Assistant Dean of Student Life.
Leslie King, Interim Associate Dean of Student Development and Enrollment Management & Director, Financial Aid.
Lillian Morales, Executive Assistant to Vice President.
Yvette Luyando, Executive Administrator of Enrollment Support.
Shavon Ford, Executive Director, Hostos Children Center.
Carlos Rivera, Director, Admissions Office.
David Primak, Director, Registrar’s Office.
Jason Pelosi, Director, Student Success Coaching Unit.
Minfeng Lin, Director, Student Development Information Services.
Jerry Rosa, Director, Student Activities.
Mercedes Moscat, Director, Transfer Services.
Erik Smiles, Director, Athletics.
Raymond Perez, Director, Accessibility Resource Center.
Maria Cano, Director, College Discovery.
Veronica Vidal, Director, CUNY EDGE.
Fabian, Wander, Director, Health and Wellness.
Linda E. Alexander, Director, Counseling Services.
Bette Kerr, Emeritus Professor

Division of Institutional Advancement

Susan Pinamonti, Interim Director of Foundation and Corporate Relations.
Claudia Hernández, Executive Assistant to the Vice President.
Romain Suinat, Development Specialist.
Susan Pinamonti, Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations.
Felix Sánchez, Alumni Relations Manager.
John MacElwee, Director, Hostos Center for The Arts & Culture.
Félix Arocho, Performing Arts Manager.
Gregory Brown, Production Manager.

Division of Continuing Education & Workforce Training and Development

Peter N. Mertens, Interim Dean for Continuing Education & Workforce Development.
Evelyn Fernandez-Ketcham, LCSW, Executive Director.
Lisanette Rosario,
Director of Career Services.
Eileen Newman, Executive Director of Center for Bronx Non-Profit.
Dana Lennon, Esq., Director of Allied Health programs.
Joan Falcetta, Director of Finance.
Alex Seki, Assistant Director of Continuing Education
Tina Quinones Cabrera, Director Allied Health Contract Training.
Danielle Allen, Program Director CUNY Fatherhood Academy.
Marsha Russo, Director WIPA.
Alex Santana, Director Liberty Partnership Program.