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County Charge Backs at Community Colleges

Community colleges require, as a condition for registration, that every New York state resident whol resides outside of New York City present a certificate of residence issued no earlier than two months prior to the first day of classes. The certificate is valid for a period of one year. In the event the county of residence declines to issue the certificate on the basis that the student is not a county resident, the student may appeal to the New York Secretary of State. Students verifying residency must complete the City University Residency Form. The form can be picked up at the Admissions and Recruitment Office located

at 500 Grand Concourse. Any student who receives a negative residency determination must receive, along with this determination, a copy of the College’s appeal procedures. Students wishing to appeal a negative residency determination must notify the Admissions and Recruitment Office within ten days of notification that he or she has been determined to be a non-resident. A student appeal form will be submitted to the University’s Office of the Vice Chancellor for Legal Affairs and General Counsel.

For more information about Admissions, contact:

Carlos Rivera, Director
Building B, First Floor
Telephone: (718) 319-7900
Email: ADMISSIONS@hostos.cuny.edu