Policies on Use of Hostos Facilities

The Hostos Athletics and Recreation Complex, a showcase for our institution, offers numerous recreation and fitness programs for students, faculty, and staff. The various centers within the Complex offer recreation and fitness programs to increase the knowledge and skills to enhance appreciation for health and a healthy lifestyle.

Hostos encourages the use of the various centers in pursuit of wellness. To ensure your safety and appropriate use of the centers, users must adhere to the following policies and procedures. These policies are consistent with nation-wide standards of quality and excellence. For scheduling, rates and more information, please contact Felix Arocho, Theatre Manager, Telephone 718-518-4477 or e-mail Farocho@hostos.cuny.edu.

Access to College Facilities

Campus Facilities

As Hostos Community College is a commuter school, there are no residences or dormitories on campus. To date, there are no off-campus student organizations. The College’s normal hours of operation are 7:00AM to 10:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on Sundays. Currently enrolled students and employed staff are permitted to be on campus, for the purpose of school related work after these hours with permission of the respective divisional Vice President and Office of Public Safety. College issued identification cards must be on your person any time you are in the College-this is also a University regulation. A valid College ID card is required to get pass the security access system in each lobby. Other CUNY students/employees are allowed access to the Library during regular business hours provided that a currently valid photo school ID is presented. Other CUNY students/employees will be signed in once they have presented their valid CUNY College ID card. The Library is closed to all non-CUNY visitors unless written permission has been obtained from the Chief Librarian. The School reserves the right to refuse entry or remove anyone regardless of status for rule infractions or safety reasons.

Identification Cards

College and University policy require that you carry your validated School issued identification card on your person at all times while in our building or any City University controlled facility. It must be presented upon request by any public safety or administrative agent of the University. These cards are the property of the College. If your card has been lost or stolen, please go to the Bursar Office located at 120 Walton Avenue, Room, B-105 to pay a $10.00 replacement fee. A defective ID card will be replaced free of charge. The receipt generated should be brought to the Public Safety office, room BC-042-A, where a replacement card will be issued. Please note that all currently enrolled students must have an active validation sticker affixed to their identification card. This sticker is available in the Public Safety office as well.


All visitors to the School are expected to comport themselves in a manner consistent with an academic environment. Guests must sign in at the front Public Safety desk and show identification to the officer on duty. Upon exiting the School, guests must sign out. Guests must generally be in the same area as the host student/employee and may not use School facilities such as copy machines or computers in furtherance of their own work without express permission of a College Official. Guests are subject to the lawful instructions of all members of the Public Safety Department, as well as other College Officials. Guests may not remain in the building after closing or on weekends and holidays unless there is an official event open to the general community. If a guest seems to be intoxicated, refuses to follow procedures of producing identification or follow sign in and sign out procedures, entry to the building will be denied.

Security Considerations Used in the Maintenance of Campus Facilities

The College’s Facilities Department & Public Safety Department utilize professional vendors/contractors who maintain the school’s fire alarm/suppression system, access control and CCTV system, fire command and public address system.  Interior and exterior lighting are maintained by the facilities department personnel. Any conditions, which appear unsafe, should be directly reported to any Public Safety Officer, as soon as possible or by calling the Public Safety Department at 6888. Public Safety monitors all interior and exterior closed circuit cameras on a continuous basis. An automatic piped water-based fire suppression system is supplemented by numerous dry chemical portable fire extinguishers. Public Safety Officers and Campus Security Assistants patrol the building and grounds several times a tour, every tour, each day of the year. Tours are logged in via a computerized electronic log book. Hostos Community College utilizes a computerized card access system as a means of access to the A-475, B-500, C-450 and D-120 buildings. When activated, authorized College ID Cards are touched to turnstile mounted card readers to open turnstiles. College SMART Classrooms are also protected by electronic locks which must be opened by authorized College ID Cards. The School’s locking devices are a restricted key-way type and the college owns the patent. All Public Safety staff carries mobile radios programmed through a repeater to enhance effectiveness. The aforementioned devices are checked during guard tour building rounds and building perimeter tours. Additionally, a special mobile radio located at the front Public Safety desk can communicate with the central office base station. Any and all deficiencies/hazards noted by the college community should be reported to Public Safety for repair/service and or referral. The Public Safety Director, Assistant Directors and Supervisors have direct access to the NYPD Police Dispatcher in the confines of the 40th precinct via the approved NYPD police frequency which is programmed on the two-way radios which they carry.

Public Safety Escort

The Department of Public Safety provides safety escorts to any member of the college community who requests such an escort. Escorts are provided within the geographical confines of the institution. Escorts provided outside the confines require approval from the Public Safety Director.

Closed Circuit Television

The Public Safety Department uses closed circuit television cameras in order to enhance campus safety in and around the buildings. These cameras are routinely monitored by members of the department and are set up to record 24 hours a day. The viewing camera patrol is primarily used to ensure that there are no criminal or unsafe activities occurring on the campus interior or exterior, to protect entrances and exits and to dispatch Public Safety personnel to possible emergency situations or unlawful activities. The college also has a fire alarm response system in each building which is monitored by an off-campus 24 hour monitoring service.

Working Relationships with other Law Enforcement Agencies

The City University of New York which includes Hostos Community College has a Memorandum of Understanding with the NYPD which covers emergencies, non- emergencies and investigative responses by the NYPD. In accordance with this MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) between the NYPD and the City University of New York dated March 6, 1992, New York City Police officers are not to enter City University property in non-emergency responses unless it has been requested or approved by a College official authorized to make such a request. While the authority of police officers entering the campus on an emergency basis is recognized, the University recommends that police officers notify the designated college officials and/or their designees whenever they must enter university property.