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Hostos Office of Veterans Affairs (H.O.V.A.)

The Hostos Office of Veterans Affairs (HOVA) is proud to serve our Veteran, Military and dependent population. The HOVA office is here to help. Our staff consists of a Veteran’s Coordinator (VC) / VA School Certifying Official (SCO). Our mission is to assist each veteran achieve their academic goals by providing them with a strong support system and centralized "vet-friendly" services. Veteran’s degree completion ensures a successful transition back into civilian life. Our office provides the academic tools needed to achieve graduation. The VC meets individually with each veteran and evaluates their unique academic need. Once assessed the VC then works with key departments to create an individualized academic support plan that facilitates their academic journey. HOVA works closely with the college’s departments to the benefit of the students. A few of the departments involved in this endeavor are:

•         Academic Advisement
•         Career and Professional Development Center
•         Accessibility Resources Center
•         College Transfer Office
•         Admissions
•         Counseling Center
•         ASAP
•         Financial Aid Office
•         Academic Tutoring Support
•         Health Wellness Center
•         Bursars Office
•         Student Success Coaching Unit
•         Business Office
•         Student Life

Additionally, our office has established partnerships with numerous external Veteran Servicing Organizations (VSO’s) that enhance our service capabilities. HOVA is constantly working to expand on the services provided by creating a robust and multi-faceted approach to veteran services.