CUNY’s Title IV Satisfactory Academic Progress Standard

A. Minimum GPA- To be in good academic standing you must earn a minimum GPA based on attempted credits as follows:

minimum gpa

B. Maximum Time-frame- may not attempt more than 150% of the credits normally required for completion of the degree. For example: if the credits needed for the degree is 120, you can attempt no more than 180 credits.

C. Pace of Progression- A student must successfully complete a certain percentage of the total number of credits/units based upon the number of attempted credits/units, according to the following table:

Associate Degree Programs

CUNY’s Title IV Satisfactory Academic Progress Standard

* Attempted credits are courses you registered for and did not drop before the last official withdrawal date.

All undergraduate students (whether aid recipients or not) will be measured against each of the 3 SAP components at the end of the spring term to determine eligibility for receipt of Title IV aid.