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Non-Degree Students

Students that wish to register for classes but are not interested in earning a degree or in pursuing a certificate program must file an “Application for Non-Degree” Status with the Admissions and Recruitment Office.

 For additional information relating to applying to Hostos Community College as a Non-Degree student, kindly visit the Admissions and Recruitment Office website at:

A student from outside the College may apply as a Non-Degree student for courses on a space-available basis. However, prerequisites and corequisites, if any, must be met for each course. Consequently, Non- Degree students must provide the College with an Official Transcript detailing the completion of any applicable prerequisites and co-requisites prior to enrolling in courses.

For additional information relating to non-Hostos transcript evaluation for meeting course pre-requisites kindly email:

Note: It is the Non-Degree student’s responsibility to check that any courses taken are acceptable at his or her home College.