New York State Satisfactory Academic Progress Charts

acad prog chart

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

Beginning with the 2015-16 academic year, for ADA students who received their first state award during the 2010-11 academic year and thereafter and who are enrolled less than full-time, good academic standing will be determined using new SAP standards which does not modify the requirements for disabled students, but aligns them to be equivalent with those required of full-time students.


NOTE: This sample standard of satisfactory progress is referred to throughout the preceding guidelines. Generally, it would be used to determine continuing eligibility for State support of students who have no “special circumstances.” The progress of students with special circumstances, such as those who have transferred from another institution or have used their waiver, must be monitored on an adjusted schedule.

Students with disabilities that necessitate additional educational costs should call Accessibility Resource Center (718) 518-4454 or the Financial Aid Office at (718) 518-6555.

Other Academic Related Matter: Under the TAP regulations. Section 145-2.1 of the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education defines full-time study at degree-granting institution as enrollment in credit- bearing courses applicable to the students’program of study, for at least 12 semester hours in a semester of not less than 15 weeks or 100 calendar days, inclusive of examination periods. Consistent with the state financial aid regulations, students are advised that potential restrictions on their access to certain forms of aid, particularly TAP may be operative upon matriculation into some programs.

Students who are impacted by these regulations should consult with a financial aid counselor to develop a viable financial assistance plan from non- TAP sources in order to maximize opportunities to participate in some programs and avoid compliance issues with the college.

Students who withdraw from all courses during a semester may lose eligibility for state aid in the next semester. Students who fail to meet the above standard and can demonstrate that exceptional circumstances beyond their control impacted negatively on their academic achievement, may be eligible for a onetime waiver. A waiver will be considered if there is a reasonable probability that the student will regain good academic standing and the student is able to present full documentation to substantiate an appeal. Students who wish to apply for a TAP Waiver must first receive counseling and obtain assistance from the Financial Aid Office.

Billable/Equivalent Credits: All developmental courses are charged as billable equivalent credits. Only the credit-bearing portion of the course counts toward the degree, and may be paid for with financial aid funds. The difference between the academic and billable credits does not count toward a degree and may impact on financial aid.

Note: Students who receive a retroactive withdrawal may have to pay back financial aid funds received for the period when they withdrw.