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Pregnancy and Related Conditions

Hostos Community College does not discriminate against students on the basis of pregnancy or related conditions. Students’ absences due to medical conditions relating to pregnancy will be excused for as long as deemed medically necessary by a student’s doctor, and students will be given the opportunity to make up missed work. Students needing assistance can seek accommodations from the Accessibility Resource Center, located in the Savoy Building, Room D-101P, 718-518-4454, or by contacting the Office of Compliance and Diversity, located in Rooms A-336 and A-337, 718-4303,

Allegations of sexual misconduct including sexual harassment, sexual assault, stalking, or domestic and intimate partner/dating violence should be reported to one of individuals listed below.

Title IX Coordinator, Lauren Gretina, Room A-337, 718-518-4284,

Dean of Students, Johanna Gomez, Room C-330, 718- 518-6556,

Director of Public Safety Chief Arnaldo Bernabe, Room C-030, 718-518-6000,