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Programs For High School Students

Hostos Lincoln Academy of Science at Hostos Community College is a collaboration between New York City Public Schools (NYC PS) and The City University of New York. Hostos Lincoln Academy is a 6-12 early college secondary school. Unscreened students are accepted into the middle school from elementary schools in District 7. The seven-year academic program culminates in the opportunity to earn an Advanced Regents diploma from NYC PS and an Associate Degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences from Hostos Community College.

Hostos Lincoln Academy uses Hostos Community College as a resource for classroom instruction, providing students with enrichment experiences intended to promote their success at the secondary and college levels. In addition to college credits – students begin “attending” the college in a variety of ways from their first year in 6th grade. Hostos Community College has developed programming that aims to include 100% of the Hostos Lincoln Academy student body. The goal of the partnership is to make every student part of the college program even if they do not get the associates degree. The students participate in non-credit bearing workshops in 6th, 8th and 9th grades at the college before they begin taking credit bearing college classes in the summer before 10th grade. There are opportunities to earn anywhere from 3 credits to an Associates in Arts degree.

Inside Schools has consistently ranked Hostos Lincoln Academy of Science as one of the top schools in New York City.

Special Features

Students at Hostos Lincoln Academy are expected to become confident and independent learners in a caring and supportive academic environment. The school offers numerous after-school activities that provide academic and social growth: literary magazine, science research group, basketball, dance, newspaper, and drama. In the summer before 10th grade, students enroll in college classes and receive extensive college counseling.  The students have received many academic awards ranging from the research publications, Posse Scholarships, Quest Bridge Scholarships, a nationally recognized literary magazine, and city-wide graphic novel awards.  The well-rounded program offers students a spectrum of extracurricular activities from yearly play writing festivals to a championship basketball team.

For more information about the program, please contact:

Hostos Community College Liaison to Hostos-Lincoln Academy (718) 518-4161.​