Student Support Services

Student Success Coaching Unit

The Student Success Coaching Unit is a comprehensive learning environment that is committed to the academic achievement, personal and professional development of students at Hostos Community College. A Student Success Coach at Hostos Community College is a trained staff member whose sole function is to help our students with academic success. The personalized coaching is consistent with our mission to guide students towards degree completion while teaching self-efficacy skills. Student Success Coaches will help you with issues important to success, including but not limited to the following:

  • Time Management

  • Study habits

  • Goal Setting

  • Financial Awareness

  • Getting involved

  • Graduation Planning

  • Course Advisement

  • Course Registration

  • Resource Connector

  • College Guide

The primary function of SSCU is to coach students from orientation to registration to graduation. The structure of SSCU is composed of five project areas that supports the college’s strategic plan in order to best serve our students. The project areas listed below target SSCU students at different stages of their academic journey.

Onboarding & Orientation: The goal of this area is to provide all entering students a quality transition experience and the resources needed to be successful at Hostos Community College. New Student Orientations, welcomes all incoming students to ensure class registration along with educational and peer to peer interactions. SSCU also supports CLIP and CUNYSTART registration sessions.

Transfer Student Initiative: The goal of this area is to successfully onboard all entering transfer student by providing the necessary resources and knowledge needed to be successful at Hostos Community College. Through our Transfer Student Orientation, we welcome incoming transfer students to assist with class registration and provide the necessary information to be successfully submerge into the Hostos Community College family.

Co-Curricular Programming: The goal of this area supports students via purposeful and engaging programming efforts throughout their entire academic career at the college. Freshmen Pledge is the Unit’s annual event supporting the President’s completion goal which encourages students to commit to graduating from Hostos Community College. Co-curricular also celebrates high performing students near graduation by hosting the Pathways to Graduation event.

At-Risk Student Support: The goal of this area is to support a student’s persistence at Hostos by overcoming any academic and personal challenges that would cause a student to stop out or fall on academic probation. In Fall 2017, we launched an Academic Recovery program where students work with their Success Coach to create goals and a working plan on how to improve their academic standing. Succeed @ Hostos efforts, popularly known as Starfish, are housed here connecting Success Coaches and Faculty.

Communications & Marketing: The goal of this area is to engage students through consistent and informative messaging as well as enhance the visibility of the SSCU through creative and intentional marketing. C&M makes use of a variety of communication methods such as emails, telephone campaigns, and event flyers to reach students. Also connects with students, staff and faculty on Facebook and Instagram. This project area works in collaboration with all project areas to ensure college branding.

For more information, contact:

The Student Success Coaching Unit

Jason Pelosi, Director

Building B, Room 208

Telephone: (718) 664-2560