Department: English

By providing all students with a solid grounding in reading, composing, and critical thinking skills, English Department courses enable students to use language as a tool for expressing ideas, thinking analytically and creatively in academic and career contexts, and for reading literature with sensitivity and enjoyment.

The specific goals of the English Department are threefold: first, to further develop students' language and literary skills; second, to give students a liberal arts perspective through the offering of electives in literature and composition; third, to contribute to the transfer process by offering courses accredited in other institutions.

To complete English courses successfully, students are required to demonstrate their achievement of course objectives through essays, research assignments, and other measures of assessment.

On the basis of performance on placement tests, the entering student will be advised as to whether s/he may register for: (1) Freshman Composition (ENG 110, Expository Writing); or (2) or a co-requisite (ENG 100) or (ENG 10- linked with ENG 110) course.

The English Program   

The program is designed to enable the student to use written and spoken English as a flexible, creative tool to express ideas and improve facility with written and spoken language. Emphasis is given to the essentials of English, the nature of language, writing as communication, and imaginative literature as a vitalizing and humanizing experience.   

The English program consists of two Freshman-level English courses, ENG 110 Expository Writing and ENG 111 Literature and Composition, and Sophomore-level Elective courses.  The following six-credit sequence is required for satisfying the Core requirements of the A.A. and A.S. degrees:    

• ENG 110 Expository Writing   

• ENG 111 Literature & Composition   

In addition, some Options (e.g. Women’s and Gender Studies and Pre-Engineering) require one or more Elective English courses which range from ENG 200 to ENG 251 and include WGS 100 and ENG 202.  

After completing Core English requirements, students may elect to study for an Option in English.