Alumni ID Card

Purchasing an Alumni ID Card ($25 lifetime fee), gives Hostos graduates access to selected services on campus.

  • Library Services — The Hostos Community College Library functions as a dynamic center of teaching and learning. The Library provides information literacy tools that enhance the pursuit of knowledge by teaching our college community to retrieve, critically evaluate and synthesize information for academic, professional and personal pursuits.

  • Academic Computer Lab — Full access to nearly 100 state of the art computers with internet access. Additional equipment such as printers, projectors, and audio equipment are also available for in school use.

  • Career Services — The Career Services Office at Hostos provides students with career direction and employment options through individual and group counseling, access to resources, career and job-readiness preparation and practical work experience.

  • Networking Activities — Free admission to workshops and special events hosted by Career Services, Workforce Development, and other departments of the College.

  • Continuing Education and Workforce Development — The Division of Continuing Education and Workforce Development offers a wide range of programs to thousands of individuals each year. We provide affordable quality career training, education, personal enrichment and community programs.

  • Athletic and Recreational Facilities — The Department of Athletics and Recreation is committed to supporting student athletes in their attainment of a high level of achievement in academics as well as competitive athletic programs.

  • Cultural Events — An integral part of Hostos Community College/ CUNY since 1982, the Hostos Center for the Arts & Culture is a resource for students and faculty and serves the cultural needs of South Bronx residents and neighboring communities. The Hostos Center for the Arts & Culture is recognized nationally as a leader in Latin and African-based programming and is dedicated to the development of emerging artists and the creation of new work

  • Transfer Services — Ability to take full advantage of transfer services. Schedule individual appointments to review transcripts, obtain an unofficial audit, discuss educational plans, and obtain information pertaining to your major. For more information, call (718) 518-4319 or come to Room D-101A.

  • Hostos Email – Continued access to Hostos email address.